"There's no place like YOUR home"

Ray & Judi’s experience

Majestic ArchesWhen it was time to build our home, we knew who would be our builder because we had followed several homes he built in Highland Springs. Because of the meticulous work he did and his attention to detail, Gary Herman was our man!
We had actually owned our lot since 2000 but it was 2010 that our building began. We had some significant stalls when our building began, but Gary persevered with us. As time progressed, and the actual building began, we found him to be great to work with, and fun, too. His attention to OUR INPUT was unbelievable, letting us make the most important decisions, as well as the most minute. It actually, astounded me!
We moved in to our home in June of 2011 and remain friends with both Gary and, his wife, Terri, who is always there whenever you need her input and even for just some social fun.
If you are considering building a new home, Gary Herman would be the builder to investigate and say yes to. You won’t be sorry!!!!

Ray and Judi