"There's no place like YOUR home"

Diane & Bob’s experience…

My husband and I started looking for a builder in early 2002. We had never built a house before. Our son was a new architect and had never designed a house before so we all were pretty green with this experience.

We interviewed several builders in Springfield who were supposed to be “The Builder to Hire “!! These were the builders everyone said built the BIG homes. Then we met Gary Herman. Even though he had never built a home as large as we wanted we knew right away he was the builder for us.

Since we all were new at this process we knew we needed someone to be very patient with us. Our son, Matthew, had great ideas but he wanted us to build modern and get away from the traditional, French Country, Springfield look. So we would be experimenting with many different materials, and we felt sure it would take several years to complete the home. It did take almost 3 years and there was never a time that Gary rushed us in making decisions.

I think Gary is not only such a patient builder, but he is so very kind with not only us the homeowners, but all the subs, and all the companies we were working with. I never saw him angry.

Several other attributes that make Gary stand out as such a wonderful builder is the fact he always answers the phone when you call. And, perhaps the most important one to us is that he will always come back after he finishes the project no matter how many years it has been. We moved in our home in 2004 after 2 and half years. That was almost 9 yrs. ago. He is still helping us every time we need something. I can honestly say I have never heard of another builder being so willing to help after so many years.

There are so many things you look for in a builder. For us the fact that Gary was such a wonderful person, father of 5, great husband, and such a hard worker stood out above all else.

If we would ever build a home again in the Springfield area Gary would definitely be our choice. I cannot imagine anyone not wanting to hire him.
Please call us if you ever have a question concerning hiring Gary Herman as a builder,
Diane and Bob